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Compare Invoice Finance From over 20 Lenders

Compare Invoice Finance From over 20 Lenders Invoice finance companies help businesses like yours and of all shapes and sizes to unlock funds that are tied up in outstanding customer invoices. Essentially, this allows businesses to access the value of an invoice before it is due to be paid, an advanced payment against the invoice. [...]

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Construction Finance

Cash flow finance and solutions for construction companies. Cash flow is critical to construction companies and invoice finance can help fund the gap between raising bills or applications for payment and getting paid. Running a construction business presents many challenges and getting paid is probably at the top of the list; however, having the right [...]

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Know The Benefits of Invoice Finance

The benefits of Invoice Finance Invoice Finance enables you to do this by releasing cash tied up in outstanding invoices, giving your business an immediate cash injection and on-going supply of cash that grows in line with your sales. Whether you are a small start up business struggling with working capital, or a larger organisation looking [...]

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Positive Invoice Finance

Positive Invoice Finance Why Positive Invoice Finance? You often have to provide customers with longer credit terms than you receive from your suppliers, and your cash flow problems are then exacerbated when they don’t pay when they’re supposed to. This level of financial unsteadiness can leave you unable to pay staff HMRC or suppliers on [...]

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6 Ways To Recover From Business Cash Flow Problems

For many new businesses, cash flow problems will occur at some point, whether it’s due to a slow trading period, losses, or an alternate reason. A cash flow problem arises when the business starts to struggle to pay its debts, which can lead to insolvency if it is not addressed immediately so as a quick [...]

6 Ways To Recover From Business Cash Flow Problems 2018-02-09T06:17:57+00:00

5 Reasons Why Businesses Borrow Money

Know The Reasons Why Businesses Borrow Money If you are a small business owner or just a start-up company in the UK, you need to read this article why even successful businesses need to borrow money. Small business owners often think that debt is bad and should be avoided but borrowing money responsibly is actually [...]

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Invoice Factoring Chesterfield

Invoice Factoring Chesterfield The basics of invoice factoring Chesterfield are simple. When you provide goods or a service to a customer you issue an invoice within your terms, 30, 60 or 90 days. That customer will take time to settle your account yet you have to meet the costs involved in providing those goods and [...]

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Invoice Factoring Sheffield

Invoice Factoring Sheffield How does Invoice Factoring help business in Sheffield? The concept is straightforward with Invoice Factoring Sheffield. Instead of having to wait weeks for your invoices to be paid by your customers, the invoice finance company (lender) will advance you most of the VAT inclusive value immediately, should you request it. That means you have [...]

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