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One Off Invoice Factoring

One Off Invoice Factoring The simple Way To Fund An Invoice. One Off Invoice Factoring Solution or Single Invoice Finance, Spot Funding, Single Invoice Factoring there are many names and terms used, but this service is a perfect short-term finance option, allowing you to quickly unlock cash from invoices you issue to your clients in days, [...]

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10 things you need to know about invoice financing

10 things you need to know about invoice financing Listed below are 10 things you need to know about Invoicing financing, also known as invoice factoring, or invoice discounting, allows businesses to manage their cash flow effectively knowing that funds are always available when you need them. This gives them the freedom to grow as [...]

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Government Funding For Business

Government Funding For Business If you are looking for government funding for business there are many options available to you today. As we all know many of the high street banks were hit hard in the economic down turn mainly down to their own shortcomings. They never really recovered with heavy government restrictions in place [...]

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Invoice Factoring for Transport 

Invoice Factoring for Transport  from Invoice Funding Wages need to be paid weekly or monthly, Fuel bills don't wait to get paid, insurances or repairs as well as pay and VAT, this is where invoice factoring for transport comes in to its own. The transport industry has one of the slowest customer payment profiles in the [...]

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