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Creative Capital UK is a wholly independent single invoice finance and selective invoice factoring company. They take a fresh approach to clients needs and provide a prompt, friendly and personalised service to small and medium sized businesses. As a company they are passionate about helping SMEs reach their full potential and have created a range of specialist invoice finance and trade finance products to drive businesses forward. Creative Capital UK have a friendly team of funding professionals have helped businesses throughout the UK to plug unexpected cash flow gaps caused by lengthy invoice payment terms as well as facilitating the purchase of stock from national and international suppliers.

Creative Capital Selective Invoice Finance

Small businesses like yours sometimes have cashflow problems. Whether you need to fund a new project or pay key suppliers, our flexible Selective Invoice Finance facility will help you. Hundreds of small business owners like you, nationwide, have benefited from our cashflow solutions. Working with all industries, we have financed over £80,000,000 of transactions, helping business owners manage their cash and grow their business.

Using our facilities as and when you need to, you only pay for what you use, and only use the facility when you need to. You can finance either a single invoice factoring debtor, or you can choose multiple debtors in order to meet your cash flow needs. The flexibility of Selective Invoice Finance leaves you in charge of your facility, instead of your facility in charge of you.

Benefits of using Creative Capital UK

  • You suffer from ongoing or occasional cash flow issues
  • Major customers are putting you on extended payment terms
  • Important payments are being missed – e.g. HMRC, key creditors, payroll
  • You are in a high growth stage and need additional working capital
  • You have suffered a bad debt and need to stabilise cash flow
  • You are a new start business
  • Your sales ledger is highly concentrated
  • Your existing bank facilities are at a maximum
  • Traditional lenders have been unable to help you
  • You only want to fund part of your ledger
  • You only occasionally take on larger jobs which will need financing

Construction Invoice Finance has been developed by Creative Capital UK

The majority of invoice financiers cannot work with construction companies, especially those who work on applications for payment or stage payments.

We have extensive knowledge of the construction industry, and a well-established construction client base. Creative Capital are already funding everything from the initial ground works, right through to the final fix and even post build cleaning. As all businesses know, strong cash flow is key to success. We have helped our clients cover everything from paying suppliers, meeting wage bills, ensuring subcontractors are paid on time and more. The reality is that if you have a short term cash flow problem and work in the construction industry, then we are here to help.

How does Construction Invoice Finance work?

It’s very simple. We enter into an open ended agreement with our customers, and they are free to use us as little or as often as they like. There is no formal tie in period, and no notice period to give should you wish to leave. Our clients carry out their work as normal, and then submit an invoice, application for payment or stage payment. Once this has been submitted, they then have the option of selling this to Creative Capital in order to raise cash. To purchase the debt, we verify that the work has been carried out, the debt is valid, and that the debtor is happy to pay Creative Capital direct. Everything we do is on a disclosed basis, and so you should ensure your debtor is happy to work with us and allow you to fund.

One of the main differences is that credit control is carried out by our clients. Construction Invoice Finance works well because the debtor can take comfort in the fact that we will be as hands off as possible, and will not interfere with day to day relations if at all possible. We believe our clients can manage this effectively by building key relationships with their customers. All parties are able to benefit from allowing this relationship to be maintained.

What does Construction Invoice Finance Cost?

As with our standard Selective Invoice Finance facility, there are no up-front fees associated with Construction Invoice Finance. There are no set up, admin, minimum monthly or exit fees. The only fee we charge is a daily interest rate which we will agree with you at the start of the relationship. There are many variables that can affect this rate including who your debtors are, the size and length of contract and the type of work you are doing. A quick phone call to discuss your requirements will normally allow us to give you an accurate indication of cost without any obligation to you though. If you are tendering for new contracts and need to know the cost of funding, we would be happy to agree a rate with you, allowing you to manage your budgets and applications effectively.

Creative Trade Finance

Trade Finance from creative is a product which has been designed to allow businesses to fulfil orders they would otherwise struggle with.

This may be down to the sheer size of the order, or due to underlying cash flow issues. Many of our clients are able to identify good opportunities for growth, but simply cannot afford the upfront costs associated with the deal. Tailored to suit businesses who have confirmed purchase orders from reliable sources, it allows them to secure the stock needed for the order.

The basic process is that our client agrees to supply finished goods to their customer. The customer must be well rated, and preferably there will be some trade history between the two parties. Terms of purchase are agreed with the supplier who may be located in the UK, Europe or Worldwide. So far, everything is normal – they have a confirmed order and they have a supplier lined up. Business as usual.

This is where Creative Trade Finance comes in. We will examine the deal (what the goods are, profit margins, paperwork etc.) to ensure that everything is workable. Once we are happy with this, we will then look to set up a facility which will normally be in place for a 12 month period. Or facility will be designed to ensure you have access to cash to fulfil not only this order, but also future orders of a similar type. Once the facility has been set up, we will then purchase the goods being ordered on our customer’s behalf. We take title of the goods, and they are shipped in our name. As soon as the goods arrive in the UK, we settle any duty, VAT and freight that is due. We will pay up to 100% of the landed cost. Goods are then delivered either to the end customer, placed in one of our warehouses, or sometimes, in our clients warehouse. We will work with you to find the best solution for all parties.

Quotation from Creative Capital UK 

Invoice Funding have partnered with Creative Capital UK to offer great rates for Single Invoice Finance, Selective Invoice Funding as well as Construction Finance. To get a quotation with preferential discounted rates it is so simple. Simply complete the online enquiry form. A partner member from Creative Capital will contact you to discuss your funding needs.

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