Invoice discounting is a funding method to ease the financial pressure on recruitment agencies so they can trade successfully. There are a wide range of specialist financial solutions to keep cash flowing smoothly. From factoring to payroll finance, we’ll tailor services to meet your needs, whether you’re a start-up or an established business.

There are various types of business models in the recruitment agency sector- full service employment agencies, employment businesses, permanent staff recruitment agencies and temp/temporary staff recruitment agencies. All may require funding at some point in the guise of invoice discounting.

Sources of Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting and factoring is a type of invoice finance that has helped the recruitment industry for over 20 years. Invoice discounting and factoring is able to provide a full range of flexible working capital facilities and cash flow solutions for growing businesses throughout the UK.

  • While there are many sources of business funding available for a recruitment agency, invoice discounting is by far the most common
  • It important to understand the pros and cons for each source of funding such as; bank funding, funding through friends and family, investor Funding or government funding

Invoice Discounting For Temp Recruitment Agencies

  • One of the key reasons new employment agencies go out of business in the first eighteen months of operation is the difficulties in paying temporary employees.
  • A temp recruitment agency must be prepared to pay wages know how to pay them temp workers.
  • Small and start up recruitment agency will not have cash reserves and need to be prepared.
  • Temps expect to be paid daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly without fail.
  • Temp staff will just go to another recruitment agency that can pay then.

Types Of Recruitment Agencies

Types Of Recruitment Agencies That Invoice Discounting Can Assist

  • Accounting and financial services recruitment agencies.
  • Executive search recruitment agencies.
  • Childcare recruitment agencies.
  • Construction recruitment agencies.
  • Drivers recruitment agencies.
  • Education recruitment agencies.
  • Engineering & technical recruitment agencies.
  • Hospitality recruitment agencies.
  • Industrial recruitment agencies.
  • Interim management association recruitment agencies.
  • Legal recruitment agencies.
  • Hr recruitment agencies.
  • Marketing recruitment agencies.
  • Media recruitment agencies.
  • Communications recruitment agencies.
  • Medical recruitment agencies.
  • Nursing recruitment agencies.
  • Office professional’s recruitment agencies.
  • Pharmaceutical & scientific recruitment agencies.
  • Sales & retail recruitment agencies.
  • Shipping, air & rail recruitment agencies.
  • Social workers recruitment agencies.
  • Specialist “Recruitment to Recruitment “recruitment agencies.
  • Technology

Invoice Finance is a fast, flexible and cost-effective way of bridging the cashflow gap.There are 2 types of Invoice Finance:-

Recruitment Factoring : We fund your invoices and provide you with a professional and tailored credit control service.
Recruitment Invoice Discounting : We provide funding for your Recruitment business which is confidential and your customers are unaware of our involvement.

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