Invoice Funding for Couriers

Invoice Funding for Couriers is a way of funding your sale ledger without waiting for your clients to settle their invoices with you. We help a range of transport businesses including couriers, hauliers and distributors to take control of their cash flow needs with Invoice Factoring, without needing to put their vehicles up as collateral.

Cash flow in the haulage and transport industry can be difficult, with rising fuel prices and high operational costs.

This can cause serious issues for a transport company when it wants to expand by acquiring new vehicles or pitching for new business.

Invoice finance can help your courier / transport / haulage business by enhancing capital enabling you to pay employees and providers without the added concern about consumers paying late.

Invoice Funding for Couriers specialise in sourcing and structuring suitable and cost effective invoice finance facilities for the transport industry. We can find you a new facility or review your existing setups.

What is Invoice Finance for Couriers?

This is a type of finance that supplies financing against the debtor book of a company. Invoice financing is normally an umbrella terms for the particular products that give this kind of finance. These products drop under two main groups which are invoice factoring, also described as factoring, and invoice discounting. There are several different products on the market but typically they will be a type of invoice discounting or factoring.

The features of invoice finance

~ This is a flexible working capital that will expand as your business expands

~ For companies that meet the fundamental standards it can be much more freely available compared to a traditional bank account overdraft. 

~ Invoice finance could be divulged or confidential

~ It can offer outsourced credit control as part of the solution

~ By adding bad personal debt protection or credit insurance coverage it could protect your business against bad debts

~ More cost effective and flexible compared to an overdraft.

Should your transport business would like to know more about invoice funding for couriers please complete the online enquiry form, and a funding special will contact you by return.


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