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Know Your MoneyKnow your money and business funding! most business people understand that there is different lending solutions for their companies, business finance being one solution used. Comparison sites are nothing new in the UK, but business finance comparison sites are.

Owned and operated by Notice Media Ltd, Know Your Money is an independent financial comparison website that was launched in 2004. Run by a dedicated team, our goal is to provide quick, simple and clear comparisons for a wide range of financial products.

Know Your Money

Although does not provide financial advice, they do aid their users in making informed decisions about which products are suitable for their circumstance by providing accurate, up-to-date comparisons and a range of straightforward, concise guides.

The use of their service is free to users, however, they way they are monetised is that they do earn commission from the companies that advertise their products within their comparison tables but they do not recommend any one product over another.

You may also not require the entire advance amount offered to you, so you can take any value up to the amount approved. If every sale is to a reliable customer (business-to-business), then you are quite likely to get up to 95% of the invoice value, so know your money !

If there is the potential to return some or all of the goods, or there is a history of late payment, the invoice factoring company may reduce the percentage it advances. It must be highlighted that this depends on different factors, so each case is going to vary even if it is only slightly.

Most invoice factoring companies will lend hundreds of thousands, and even millions, to UK based companies. Indeed, invoice discounting or invoice factoring frequently form a considerable part of the funds used in management buyouts these days. For savvy business people who know their money there smaller factoring companies like Regency might not be able to do the deal, but the larger ones like Bibby Financial will definitely be interested, which is a big hint to ensure you shop around and know your money when looking for a deal or better still get a invoice factoring broker on involved to use their knowledge of the invoice finance markets.

What are the Costs of Invoice Finance?

There are two cost elements typically associated with invoice finance. The first is the service fee. It covers the costs of having the facility including the admin and credit control within the invoice finance facility. This is charged as a percentage of your annual turnover and can range from as little as 0.1% to a maximum of 3.5%.

It is unusual to pay much more than this. The rate of this charge usually depends on the level of your turnover with higher levels of turnover receiving the lower end of the service charge. So, if your turnover is under £1m, don’t be too surprised if you are charged around a 3-3.5% service charge, get to know your money.

The second charge is the interest or discount rate. This is a daily percentage charged against the money you have borrowed so you only pay when you draw down on this. So if you borrow £10,000 for 30 days through invoice finance, you may be charged between 4-6% on that £10,000 for each day that passes where the cash advance is not paid back. This works in a similar way to the daily charges occurring in an overdraft facility.

This charge is only implemented when you are borrowing cash. Although the rates above should help as a general guide, it is important to remember that these figures can change with each individual business circumstance

Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending (ABL) blends invoice finance with funds released against other business assets, such as stock, property, plant and machinery, providing additional capital than invoice finance alone. Asset based lending is an excellent option for businesses looking to finance a management buy-out/buy-in, a merger or an acquisition. Alternatively the extra funds can be used as a contingency, providing additional working capital as and when required.

Asset Based Lending (ABL) can support you to grow your business by unlocking cash tied up in your assets. You can increase your working capital by raising funds using your existing assets as security from:

  • debtors
  • stock
  • plant and machinery
  • property.

Asset Based Lending typically comprises of an Invoice Discounting facility alongside further funding secured against a range of existing assets. Additional funding can be generated from cash flow lending. If you wish to terminate your Asset Based Lending facility at any point, simply give us notice.

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