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Peak Cashflow Invoice FactoringPeak Cashflow was established in 2007 by Jim Small and Peter Stanton. Both of them are long established within the factoring and invoice discounting market, with over 50 years experience between them. Importantly, they are fully independent, meaning we are not owned or operated by any major bank or financial institution.

Peak Cashflow have the financial backing of a major multinational funder to ensure that our company can grow and support you through the various challenges your business faces. Peak Cashflow are based locally in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Peak Cashflows Services

Invoice financing is an alternative but popular way of allowing your business to access its working capital, freeing up cash from unpaid invoices. Whether you are managing a new, growing business or are looking to restructure in order to grow sales, our invoice finance services can improve your cash flow.

As a business owner, you will realize that cash flow is cyclical. Cash flow is one of the many factors involved that influences the results of your company. In fact, cash flow is one of the most important aspects to understand in order to sustain your business.

Unlike many of Peak’s competitors within the industry, they have the ability to tailor a specific package to meet your needs. Through Peak Cashflows one-to-one approach, their aim to understand your particular business requirements and provide you with a facility that fulfils these.

Features and benefits of Peak Cashflow’s Invoice Factoring product:

  • Access up to 85% of your invoice value
  • Release funding quickly
  • Receive full credit support and detailed credit checks
  • Experienced credit controllers to collect payments
  • Tailored service
  • Option to have confidential service
  • Set up within 7 working days
  • Contract based on quarterly minimal levels
  • Available to start-ups up to large SMEs
  • Optional bad debt protection

Peak Cashflow is a financial services provider who offers a range of financial solutions which include invoice finance services, these include invoice factoring, invoice discounting and confidential factoring.

Peak Cashflow’s two invoice factoring solutions provide a range of benefits to businesses. Invoice factoring offers access to funding tied up as well as providing a credit control service where they manage all your customer payments for you. Confidential factoring only differs from invoice factoring by it being a confidential service where the customers do not know that the factoring service is being used. If you want to retain control of your credit control then invoice discounting may be more suitable.

How Does Factoring Work?

After you get in touch with Peak, they will arrange a meeting within 2 days. Based on both parties discussions, a Development manager make an informed decision over the suitability of invoice factoring and give you an indication of the finance available. They will aim to get your facility up-and-running with 7 working days. Once you raise an invoice, you’ll receive up to 85% of the cash owed to you. When your customer pays the invoice, you will receive the outstanding balance.

Cash is always moving out or in. Money is typically paid out for many reasons, including paying your staff, covering overhead expenses, and purchasing equipment and supplies. These expenses are referred to as “accounts payable” transactions. Accounts payable may feel like a burden, but they’re actually helping you to fuel the growth of your business, whether that’s selling a product or a service. When you make that sale, you send an invoice, also known as an “accounts receivable” transaction.

Ideally, your accounts receivable will replace what was spent satisfying your accounts payable, and ideally provide more value to create the profits you need to start this cycle over against sadly this is where most of the cycles stall! This is how Peak Cashflow can help.

All aspects of credit control will be managed and their in house credit controllers will directly contact your customers to ensure that prompt payments are received.

Unlike other factoring companies, their contract with you is not based upon a minimal monthly volume of invoicing. Instead, we base our contracts on quarterly volume. This is fairer because it accounts for the natural peaks-and-troughs of your business.

Is Peak’s Factoring Suitable For My Business?

Invoice factoring is available for all businesses, whether you are a start up or a larger SME.

Some of the businesses that this lender has work with have tried other factoring companies only to find their service doesn’t live up to expectations. Luckily, the process of switching from an existing factor is simple. The inter-factor transfer process is a standard system which takes around 10 days to complete, and gives you the option of using a more bespoke factoring service tailored to your requirements.

Benefits of Invoice Discounting

  • Up to 85% of the sales invoice value is available immediately
  • Cleared funds can be in your account after you raise your invoice
  • It’s confidential so your customers will never be informed of our involvement
  • Combined with bad debt protection, the risk of failing customers is minimised
  • Packages are tailor-made, flexible and responsive to your business needs
  • Unlike business loans, discounting keeps pace with your business
  • You can contact us anytime for advice, on the phone or in person

Is Discounting Suitable For My Business?

Invoice discounting is generally suitable for businesses with established sales processing systems who wish to use their own credit control processes. Peak work with businesses in a large array of sectors, including manufacturing firms, recruitment companies and healthcare agencies. This means that we have the expertise to be able to offer you a bespoke product based upon the level of service your business requires.

Benefits of Bad Debt Protection

  • Invoices covered at 90% of net value
  • Protects your invoices against customer insolvency or protracted default
  • Competitive pricing allows peace of mind at reasonable costs
  • Select individual customers to cover, providing total but flexible cover
  • Direct access to and advice from experienced professional

How Does Bad Debt Protection Work?

If a customer’s credit rating is good, Peak Cashflow can recommend what cover can be provided. Should the customer fail to pay the invoice, 90% of the net value of the invoice is covered. Any undisputed invoices that aren’t paid within 120 days are paid under protracted default.

If you customer’s credit rating is poor, Bad debt protection might not be able to provide cover. You can decide whether the customer is one that you would wish to trade with based on the information that we provide.

Peak Cashflows Address

6C St. Michaels Court
Warstone Parade East
Jewellery Quarter
B18 6NR

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