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If you are looking for government funding for business there are many options available to you today. As we all know many of the high street banks were hit hard in the economic down turn mainly down to their own shortcomings. They never really recovered with heavy government restrictions in place after substantial bailouts their brands took a hit from loyal customers.

This created opportunity in the alternative finance space. Investors and funders keen to help fund small businesses and SME’s right here in the UK. Peer to peer lending otherwise known as crowd funding, merchant cash advance products, invoice finance and so on. Like minded backers keen to invest money in small and start up businesses with the Start Up Loan Company part of the British Business Bank.

Over time the growth of alternative business finance space became more and more mainstream. The merchant cash advance product arrived from the USA in around the year 2000 and companies especially in the hospitality sector embraced it with open arms. Otherwise known as a business cash advance it has become the go to product for small businesses that take credit and debit card sales looking for unsecured finance on future payments via their PDQ machine.

Government funding for business via alternative lenders

With the growth of the sector and more businesses looking for government approved funding for business the alternative finance market is the place to search. In fact the government has only recently backed the space by investing heavily in alternative lending such as Peer to Peer. Not only investing in crowd funding platforms but now within the business cash advance space. With more investment from the government for small businesses via these funders we are all in good shape to lend more capital to businesses across the UK.

There are also grants available to business in the UK, Most Government Funding For Business is for established business sadly, should you need any help or advice with invoice funding please complete the online enquiry form and a funding expert will contact you by return.

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