Invoice Factoring for Transport

Running a Transport and Haulage Business doesn’t have to be complicated. When you work with Invoice Funding, we work arrange Invoice Factoring for Transport companies across the UK. we’ll help you take care of the details, paperwork and cash flow, so you take charge of running your business. Whether or not invoice factoring is the right choice for you depends largely on the importance of retaining control of your credit function. Some business owners prefer to stay in contact with their customers to maintain confidentiality and goodwill, ensuring that all correspondence is in line with their business ‘values.’

Is Invoice Funding right for our Business

Invoice Factoring for Transport is a funding solutions that advances funds against unpaid invoices. This product is a good funding solution for Transport, Haulage, Coach and Courier Firms in the UK.

Wages need to be paid weekly or monthly, Fuel bills don’t wait to get paid, insurances or repairs as well as pay and VAT, this is where invoice factoring for transport comes in to its own.

Invoice Funding for Transport gives UK, Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies a way to release the cash that’s tied up in outstanding unpaid invoices. Once a delivery is made, a business will issue an invoice that they’ll typically have to wait for 30, 60 or even 90 days to be paid. However, as they have already paid for the fuel and the driver for the journey, this can cause a potentially shortfall on working capital.

invoice factoring for couriers uk

invoice factoring for couriers uk

The transport industry has one of the slowest customer payment profiles in the UK, which makes it even harder to settle your invoices when they fall due.

This can be a lethal combination, particularly for a growing business. Managing your cashflow is a vital part of managing your transport business.

Invoice Factoring for transport gives you immediate acccess to the money owed to you by customers.  You can have immediate funds to pay for fuel and other supplies and have funds available for those cashflow dips that confront all transport companies from time to time.

Invoice Funding for Transport facilities range from £40,000 to £2,500,000.  This is not a loan, it is just advancing the money already owed to you via the sale of your invoices to a third party.

The main differences between using us or using a more traditional bank facility are:

1) Invoice Factoring for Transport provide more generous and flexible funding compared to an overdraft.

2) The facilities grow organically with the business without the need for constant funding limit reviews.

Invoice Factoring charges will normally be the same as the equivalent bank overdraft facility. How would your firm benefit from additional working capital? Invest in the more assets and be assured that your drivers are kept on the move. Invoice factoring for transport will help keep your company operational, and allow you to have working capital when needed.

How Invoice Factoring works for Transport – 5 Simple Steps

1. You deliver your goods or service and invoice your customer as normal.

2. You send the invoice finance funder a copy of the invoice.

3. The invoice finance funder makes available up to 95% of the invoice value.

4. You decide how much you want to draw and the funder transfer funds into your bank account, same day.

5. When your customer pays the invoice, the balance (5%) is released to you.

More Information Needed On Invoice Factoring For Transport?

Invoice Funding can offer invoice funding solutions to Haulage and Transport businesses across the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland. We have local Invoice Factoring specialists that understand the haulage and transport sectors; with a range of working cash flow funding solutions. We can help road haulage firms, transport businesses, courier, freight transportation companies and logistic businesses.

More information for haulers, couriers and transport business about our leading Invoice Factoring For transport product is available online from our website, should you wish to chat to one of our Transport Funding Specialists please complete the online enquiry form and one of the team will contact you by return.

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