Easy Invoice Finance | Factoring Company | Bury | Manchester

Easy Invoice Finance - Factoring Company in Bury, Manchester. Easy Invoice Finance are an independent invoice factoring company based in Bury, Manchester. The brand is part of Regency Factors PLC which is one of the UK's oldest and most established independent invoice finance companies in the UK. Easy's goal is to help small businesses to grow, and [...]

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Invoice Factoring Brokers

Invoice Factoring Brokers - The UK's Leading Finance Brokers. Invoice Funding are one of the UK's largest and leading Invoice Factoring Brokers. Since our brith in 2005 we have helped 1000's of UK based business secure the Invoice Factoring Finance they are in need of. As an independent leading broker we will arrange the best [...]

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10 things you need to know about invoice financing

10 Things you need to know about invoice financing Listed below are 10 things you need to know about invoice financing, also known as invoice factoring, or invoice discounting, allows businesses to manage their cash flow effectively knowing that funds are always available when you need them. This gives them the freedom to grow as [...]

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Government Funding For Business

Government Funding For Business If you are looking for government funding for business there are many options available to you today. As we all know many of the high street banks were hit hard in the economic down turn mainly down to their own shortcomings. They never really recovered with heavy government restrictions in place [...]

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Invoice Factoring for Transport 

Invoice Factoring for Transport Running a Transport and Haulage Business doesn’t have to be complicated. When you work with Invoice Funding, we arrange Invoice Factoring for Transport companies across the UK. Helping transport businesses secure cash flow. Whether or not invoice factoring is the right choice for your transport business depends largely on the importance of retaining [...]

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