How does Single Invoice Finance – Spot Factoring work?

Single invoice finance - Spot Factoring can be used as an alternative to factoring or invoice discounting. Single invoice finance, also known as Single Invoice Funding, Selective Invoice Finance or Spot Factoring, is similar to factoring in that a business can use debtor's invoices (the sales ledger) as assets.  The business uses these assets to [...]

Invoice Factoring for Small Business

Invoice Factoring is An Excellent Financing Option for Small Businesses Small businesses often need to build capital. Indeed, many businesses need money to be able to make money. Find out about invoice factoring on this handy guide Choosing an invoice factoring company for you can seem like a daunting prospect for many small business owners. [...]

How much does invoice factoring cost?

Find out about invoice factoring costs and discover how much your business could save. Invoice factoring can prove to be an excellent solution for small businesses in need of a rapid injection of cash – but what are the costs of invoice factoring? Factoring costs are dependent on a number of variables – we will explore [...]