Invoice Factoring for Transport 

Invoice Factoring for Transport  from Invoice Funding Wages need to be paid weekly or monthly, Fuel bills don't wait to get paid, insurances or repairs as well as pay and VAT, this is where invoice factoring for transport comes in to its own. And yet the transport industry has one of the slowest customer payment profiles [...]

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Invoice Factoring for Security Companies

Invoice Factoring for Security Companies Invoice Factoring for Security companies is a way of funding your sales ledger without waiting months for your clients to settle their invoices. Even if customers pay on time there is an inevitable cashflow gap.  It's doubly frustrating when customers are slow to pay.  Invoice Factoring takes away the waiting [...]

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Invoice Factoring Chesterfield

Invoice Factoring Chesterfield The basics of invoice factoring Chesterfield are simple. When you provide goods or a service to a customer you issue an invoice within your terms, 30, 60 or 90 days. That customer will take time to settle your account yet you have to meet the costs involved in providing those goods and [...]

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Invoice Factoring Sheffield

Invoice Factoring Sheffield The concept is straightforward with Invoice Factoring Sheffield. Instead of having to wait weeks for your invoices to be paid by your customers, the invoice finance company (lender) will advance you most of the VAT inclusive value immediately, should you request it. That means you have access to the money from completed work immediately, [...]

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Invoice Factoring Bristol

Invoice Factoring Bristol Why Your Bristol Business Would Benefit From Invoice Factoring Invoice Factoring Bristol is a funding solution for business to fund the time between issuing an invoice and waiting for the client to settle it. Cash flow is always an issue for businesses in Bristol that offer credit terms to their customers. Worrying [...]

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How Can Invoice Factoring Help My Business?

HOW CAN INVOICE FACTORING HELP YOUR BUSINESS? How Can Invoice Factoring Help My Business? common problem faced by many small and medium-sized companies across the united kingdom is a lack of cash flow, This is typically caused by business owners offering lengthy payment terms to customers up-to 60 or 90 days. Professional advisors say that [...]

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Compare Invoice Factoring Quotes

Compare Invoice Factoring Quotes and get the best deal on the market. Are you looking to Compare Invoice Factoring Quotes for your business? A 'factor' will lend against your unpaid invoices – allowing you to leverage cash that is tied up in moneys owed. Typically, a business can receive 85 - 90% of an invoice. [...]

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The Difference between Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting

The Difference between Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting Both invoice discounting and invoice factoring are cash flow solutions designed to free up funds for companies that are solvent and operationally sound but which could benefit from a short term cash injection. Invoice factoring is a means through which a business can effectively sell its ownership [...]

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