Single Invoice Factoring

A Single Invoice Factoring service is a perfect short-term finance option, allowing you to quickly unlock cash from the large invoice, without the hassle of long-term contracts. This type of funding is an innovative way to access the cash which is tied up in your sales invoices, but as its name suggests it can be used for just a single invoice (minimum value £10k) or a single customer.

Your customer needs to be credit-worthy (not too much to ask), but the funders will often provide bad debt protection as part of the package, thereby giving you peace of mind if your customer happens to go into administration or receivership while still owing you money.

What is Single Invoice Factoring?

Single Invoice Factoring is when a business wants to fund one invoice in a timely manner without waiting for its customer to pay in their contractual payment terms of 30, 60 or 90 days. Your business can often have cash locked up in a one-off large invoice that puts you under pressure while you wait for them to pay. It’s quick, convenient and affordable.

You can draw down up to 85% of the invoice value for up to 120 days, but as with most financial products, the more you borrow and the longer it’s outstanding, the more you will pay. However compared to a whole-turnover facility it can save you a lot of money. There is no tie in and no minimum fee. You can use it when you want and as often as you want or just once and never again. You choose.

Single invoice finance, also known as selective finance or spot factoring, offers businesses the opportunity to release the funds tied up in individual unpaid invoices.

The type of factoring does not need you to sell your entire sales ledger online invoice Factoring and invoice discounting. Funds are available to be drawn down as an injection of cash, by using the facility on a business invoice-to-invoice basis.

The differentiation between the most competitive discounting company and the most expensive invoice discounting can be remarkable. For example when working with businesses who already use this service we have sometimes been able to half their costs.

How can Single Invoice Factoring or Spot Factoring enhance my business?

  • Single Invoice Factoring can supply up to 90% of the gross worth of your outstanding invoices.
  • When you start the facility this provides a cash injection to your business as cash is generated from the existing sales ledger.
  • On an ongoing basis it is a type of working capital that can smooth cash flow enabling you to pay suppliers and colleagues without the stress of late payments from customers.
  • Single Invoice Factoring can be confidential therefore your customers are unaware of a lenders involvement.
  • Your business stays in control your credit control function enabling you to have more customer contact.
  • As a type of Single Invoice Factoring can be cheaper avenue compared to a full invoice factoring service.

To gain the benefits of an Single Invoice Factoring facility it is crucial that the facility is structured effectively from the beginning to meet the unique needs of your company. It is important that you understand the fees entailed and also ways to manage those costs. This is where the expertise of could add value to your business. team recognise that as an owner of a business you may want your financial affairs to be kept confidential therefore you may need a confidential facility. We also appreciate that some businesses want to keep control of the credit control function to keep in touch with their consumers. We work with you to ensure that your business and its systems can qualify for such a facility.

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