Invoice Factoring For Recruitment Companies.

At we are well versed in aiding recruitment businesses structure invoice factoring facilities that will certainly meet the distinct necessities of your business. If you are a recruitment business looking for a recruitment invoice factoring option in initial circumstances contact us today. Invoice-Funding for recruitment companies can including payroll & back office at highly competitive cost from the recruitment funding experts.

What kinds of finance are offered to a recruitment business?

The simple way to pay your staff wages on time, with recruitment invoice factoring, you can receive the value of any outstanding invoices which you are awaiting payment for. We can find you a lender which will work with you to arrange a recruitment invoice factoring package specifically for your recruitment business, providing you with up to 95% of the value of your sales invoices within 24 hours of their orientation. Recruitment companies generally need to pay staff weekly however will normally only get paid monthly. To smooth capital and guarantee that earnings can be paid in a prompt fashion most recruitment businesses will make use of some kind of invoice finance.

However, there are several options available:

Invoice Factoring For recruitment.

This is available to both temporary recruitment businesses and long-term recruitment businesses. It offers up to 90 % prepayment against the gross worth of the outstanding invoices. As providing finance it additionally provides outsourced credit control making sure that the invoices are gathered in a timely fashion. Provides you with a cash advance against the invoices you are yet to receive payment for, often within 24 hours. Factoring is easily available to businesses of all sizes and this consists of new beginning recruitment companies.


CHOCS (Client Handles Own Collections) is readily offered for both temporary recruitment and long-term recruitment businesses. It is basically a kind of factoring facility however instead of the factoring business doing the credit report control you manage your own credit control. In a similar method to factoring the centre could be both private or revealed.

Invoice Discounting for Recruitment.

Similar to a factoring facility, as described above, but with one major difference – you are left to run the credit control facility, your customers are unaware of the facility as payments are sent direct to your client account. This is invoice discounting product is aimed towards larger companies who have already established effective credit collection administration processes. As a turnover range, you are looking at about £100,000 + VAT. This merely provides up to 90 % prepayment against the gross value of your outstanding invoices. There are no added solutions but credit protection can be included if requested. There is no credit rating control service so you are accountable for chasing your own invoices. Invoice discounting for recruitment companies can be the most cost effective kind of invoice finance as it stands for the lowest workload for the lender.

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