Benefits of video conferencing

what is video conferencingFor a long while now the vast majority of the UK population have been working from home, particularly those that are in an office role.

This has also led most of us to taking part in some sort of video conference call over the past couple of years, which you may have mixed feelings about depending on your experience with it so far.

However, we are here to tell you all about the benefits of video meetings, even the ones you may have not thought about thus far and fill you in with why they can be exceptionally important to how your business is run.

What are the benefits of video conferencing

Video conference has many benefits for business meetings, more so as they have been utilised long before the COVID-19 virus forced most of the world to social distance, but it has made businesses of all different shapes and sizes realise the benefits of video conferencing.

The principal advantage of a conference calls is that it permits business owners or stakeholders to take part in gatherings without having to be in the same room as others. Video calling allows us to simulate face to face meetings, even in times where it is not possible for workers to be together.

If important business choices have to be made rapidly, a conference call can be set up surprisingly fast, so everybody can enter their thoughts and proposals without leaving their work area or home. This means quick decisions can be reached and agreed upon thanks to the power of video meetings.

On the off chance that your business is hoping to grow, particularly into unfamiliar business sectors, video calling implies you can stay in contact with customers and associates and lead meetings from remote locations. This also means you can save a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been spent on sending employees abroad, should your business need international meetings.

1. Offers more engagement than audio conferencing

Audio conferences participant’s find that they drift out and multitask because they feel disconnected from the other members in the meeting. With video, however, there’s pressure to maintain “virtual eye contact”, translating to superior levels of engagement.

When each conference member is visible, you’re inclined to use the communication skills we’ve all practised in face-to-face conversations.

2. The key positives to understand 

While most things from the Coronavirus pandemic era will be better becoming long forgotten about, there are a few developments that are here to stay for all the right reasons. These include virtual meetings and all the benefits of video conferencing that are listed below.

3. They can help to keep costs low

One thing many new business owners in particular do not consider is the importance of keeping costs low. Of course, the money you’ll need to spend can come from a whole host of different areas but utilising unnecessary travel to meetings can affect your profit margins in the worst possible way.

Video or conference calling is the one thing that will remove this cost, while still enabling you to maintain a personal connection with the other callers. This is what makes video meetings far better than the likes of more traditional phone calls or the use of email. Though, will we speak more about that later.

4. Makes you more efficient

When you are at the helm of any business venture, the chances are you feel like there’s a thousand different areas that need your attention at any one time. This is a common issue among business owners, especially newer ones that haven’t quite got to grips with the art of multitasking just yet. However, conference calls can help you in this area too.

By utilising video meetings, you can make yourself more efficient in many ways. You will be able to schedule time without having to factor in travel and even use online reminders so that all of your team members know when the meeting is going to take place, even if they are working remotely.

5. It means more than a phone call or email message

As we have already touched upon, video meetings offer you so much more than the likes of telephone calls and email messages. This is largely due to the fact that you can see the person you are speaking to and establish a more personal connection with them.

For instance, you will be able to see what facial reactions they have towards what you are saying. This goes a long way in making the conversation flow better between the two of you and awards you with less chance of accidental interruptions and the like.

This is a more engaging experience than a phone call could ever be, so opt for video over audio conferencing every time you can. Your team will likely thank you for allowing them to have some personal connections and interactions after all of this time of staying away from each other.

6. Offers you more room and flexibility

Another advantage of video conferencing is that it offers you an extensive amount of flexibility. Not having to travel to meetings means that people can juggle around work and other responsibilities, all while fitting in a video meeting around it.

This creates a better work life balance for you and your employees, which is something that will make your company a better place to work for many individuals. Having happy workers will mean you also have more hardworking and dedicated staff members, so ensure their communication tools are up to scratch if they are working from home and kit the office space out with video conferencing tools that you will need.

7. Saves employees travelling 

Making employees travel for meeting takes up valuable working time during the day, but it’s also expensive. People often travel great distances for training, conferences and business meetings, and in most cases, these in-person communications can be accomplished via video conferencing. Your business can save on travel costs and put it toward other business priorities.

8. Improves team bonding

Post Covid teams are now becoming increasingly geographically separated for several reasons. Freelancers and even permanent staff may be working from home, some are contractors working from other continents, and some are simply on the road for business purposes.

The benefits of video conferencing distances don’t matter when you can bring your team together, either for regular meetings or spur-of-the-moment check-ups.

9. Employee retention

Work life balance is essential to employee retention. The benefits that video conferencing offer include mobility and flexibility gives people more control over their work days, and this leads to improved retention. This also keeps remote workers connected and makes them feel part of the team when they can connect face-to-face with their co-workers on a regular basis.

10. Gives a competitive advantage

Video conferencing offers a competitive advantage with all these benefits combined, it’s easy to see how video conferencing provides a strong edge for your business. With increased team unity as well as costs savings and more productive meetings, you can streamline many of your current tasks and increase collaboration at the same time.

A few things to think about

If all the benefits of conference calling have turned you into a firm believer of the craft, then you should be all good to go and start using them as you wish to. However, first acknowledge the fact that there are one or two things to know before you set off down this path. 


What the advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing might be?

Advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing are an easy availability of communication that prevents communication gaps. This will lessen the chances of pitfalls in the work. There are no barriers to time: Video conferencing erases the barriers of time and place by allowing a group of people to discuss things with those working in remote locations without moving from their location.

What are the advantages of video conferencing during the pandemic

The advantages of video conferencing during the pandemic are vast, due to most workers having to work from home, it allows companies to keep operational while ensuring its staff are kept safe due to not being in a crowed office location.

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