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Ultimate Invoice Finance have been in the Invoice Factoring market for the past 17 years. In September 2015, Ultimate Finance was purchased by the Tavistock Group.

As a factor they have provided over £1 billion in funding to businesses across the United Kingdom.

As one of the leading market funders in the invoice finance market, Ultimate offer funding in most industry sectors.

As the company has evolved they have entered new markets such as Online Cash Loans, Invoice Funding, Asset Finance, Trade Finance and Bridging Loans. In February 2019 Ultimate Finance named Josh Levy as its new CEO.

Who are Ultimate Finance Group

Ultimate Finance Group are a specialist asset-based lender, providing a wide range of flexible funding solutions to support the ambitions of UK businesses.

Backed by Tavistock, an international private investment organisation, their vision is to be the funding partner of choice.

Established in 2001, they have a long-standing track record of providing the right type of funding to businesses. Understanding the SME mindset and the need for a personal and flexible approach to lending, they tailor their funding to best suit client needs and are focused on finding the right solution to help businesses unlock their true potential to succeed.

As a group Ultimate provide fast, flexible and fair, freeing business owners from the pressures they’re under. Every day we help businesses survive and thrive by giving them what they want; more choice, service and breathing space, with less complication and headaches.

Their award-winning funding products provide the kind of funding businesses need to fast-track success. Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Bridging Loan, Ultimate Loan, Trade Finance, Purchase Finance, Construction Finance, Recruitment Finance.

Types of funding offered by Ultimate Finance

Ultimate Finance Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring from Ultimate Finance is an alternative solution to traditional types of business finance. Ultimate Invoice Finance’s funding product eases the strain on tied up invoices, by releasing funds in 24 hours. This saves the business having to wait for 30, 60, 120 days to be paid. As part of the service Ultimate Finance group have an expert credit management team to look collect outstanding payments on your behalf.

Invoice Finance solutions take the pressure off cashflow concerns by putting the cash that’s owed back in the business. It’s a straightforward facility that uses the sales ledger as an asset and can be tailored exactly how a business needs it to work. We’ll have the money in their account within 24 hours of receiving an invoice.
  • Funding up to £5m
  • Factoring, Invoice Discounting and CID
  • Up to 95% pre-payment
  • Facility set up within one week
  • Dedicated contacts 

Construction Finance

Anyone that has a construction business can get construction finance for Ultimate. Contractors or sub-contractors who contract, are offered framework agreements or operate with purchase order can benefit from Construction Finance. This is a perfect fit funding solutions for construction companies that have had cashflow issues. No 3am sleepless night wondering how you’re going to pay bills or wages. No need now to  turn down a future contract. Once a new contract has been won, it often means buying expensive supplies upfront. Employees and sub contractors need and paying before you receive your first stage payment. Construction Finance from Ultimate releases the tied up in these contracts even before completion certificates have been issued.

We enable businesses to borrow against the cash they have tied up in lengthy construction contracts prior to a payment certificate being issued. Our sector specialists are able to take the pressure off late payment concerns. And we can put the finance in place to secure bigger contracts.
  • Funding up to £1.5m
  • Confidential facility
  • Ltd companies trading for at least 1 year with a min turnover of £600k
  • Facility set up within one week
  • Dedicated construction team with QS support

Recruitment Finance – Payroll Services

Ultimate recruitment finance provides cash advances against invoices for recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies need to pay temporary workers, contractors or just fund a permanent placement while waiting for their invoices to be paid. This type of funding helps with growth and paying of salaries for new employees. The agency also needs to manage the day-to-day running of back office. Timesheet management is critical to an agency who work on temp contracts.

The directors need to implication these actions to ensure the cashflow keeps flowing as well as devoting time to focus on developing the business. Recruitment Finance from Ultimate can help, they release tied up cash from outstanding invoices as well as freeing up your time with their recruitment finance product.

Specialist Recruitment Finance

We offer a complete package for the recruitment sector. An Invoice Finance facility that ensures wage bills are always paid on time through a cash advance against temp or perm placements with the option of a market-leading back-office facility which takes care of all processing, payroll and credit control demands through RSM’s Pay & Bill Services. All expertly supported with the personal service of our dedicated relationship team.
  • Funding up to £5m
  • Up to 95% pre-payment
  • For time sheeted businesses

Trade Finance

Get up to 120 days credit to pay your suppliers.

A simple funding solution that makes a big difference. A a leading trade finance company Ultimate pay the suppliers upfront, this gives the businesses 120 days’ credit facility to pay us back.

It takes pressure off cashflow and boosts purchasing power with suppliers – both in domestic and overseas markets.

  • Funding between £25k and £1m
  • Trade Finance runs alongside an Invoice Finance Invoice facility
  • Offers 120 days credit
  • Facility set up within one week
  • Dedicated expert trade team


Pre-approved credit when it’s needed.

Unique to us, this facility allows businesses to easily access funding whenever required. It’s essentially a simpler form of Invoice Finance. But finance that comes without the submission of monthly invoices or other admin. FlexiCredit gives businesses access to pre-approved funding – and the peace of mind of knowing it’s there.

  • Pre-approved funding between £25k – £75k
  • Businesses must have a turnover below £600k
  • 12-month min contract
  • Fixed monthly fee plus interest on money used
  • No monthly invoice submission. Managed through online account

Asset Finance

Designed the way Asset Finance should be. We can help with the purchase or leasing of equipment, machinery or vehicles – with finance typically in place within 24 hours.
  • Up to £500k per asset/ £1m per customer
  • Set-up within one working day
  • Duration 12-60 months
  • Ongoing specialist relationship support
  • Online application portal
  • Hire purchase or leasing options

Bridging finance

Where property is concerned, speed is everything. We’re able to have up to £2.5m funding in place within 5 days.
  • Up to £2.5m
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • Fast and flexible lending approach
  • Ongoing specialist relationship support
  • Residential, commercial, semi-commercial, land

Structured Finance

Our expertise coupled with our integrated way of working enable us to secure funding across a range of different assets. For your clients it means even greater flexibility – and potentially greater funding. For you, it’s delivering an impressive financial strategy that’s completely taken care of by us.
  • Funding from £350k to £5m
  • Working Capital, Asset Finance, Bridging Finance
  • Dedicated deal team
  • No restriction on single line assets

Advantages and benefits of using Ultimate Finance?

The group of companies have offices across the UK, located in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow. This makes accessibility to future clients are always priority and face to face meetings always possible.

  • Release up to 95% of the cash that you have tied up in unpaid invoices
  • Suitable for a wide range of businesses, situations and industries
  • Invoice factoring and invoice discounting are both offered by ultimate
  • Online system gives you control over the whole process
  • Confidential service
  • Retain control of your sales ledger
  • Access to funds within 24 hours
  • Competitive pricing
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Customers won’t know about the service
  • Rolling contract
  • Set up within a week
  • Flexible service

Quotation from Ultimate Finance

Invoice Funding are one of the UK’s leading Invoice Factoring Brokers. We recommend Ultimate Invoice Finance to our future clients due the the service level they offer and the competitive fees they charge.

As Ultimate pay us a commission for our broker services, this service to you is free of charge. Due to us passing large amounts of clients to Ultimate we get preferential rates for our clients which we pass on to you and your business.

To get a quotation from Ultimate finance simple complete the online enquiry form and we will do the rest.

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