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Catalyst Finance are one of the UK’s leading providers of finance for SMEs, with a complete understand what running a business is all about. This is why they aim to make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

Their selective invoice finance has been designed with simplicity in mind, and is available as and when you need it. Catalyst Finance was established in 2012 by entrepreneurs who were frustrated trying to find timely, useful business finance without being tied into longer-term contractual agreements.

Selective Invoice Financing

Simple, flexible and transparent, Catalyst Finance offer Single Invoice Factoring which allows you to release cash into your business on a short-term basis. Rather than wait 30 to 120 days for a payment, you can receive the cash you are owed for single or multiple invoices, helping to aid cash flow. By raising the cash, you can then pay wages or suppliers, and continue the running of your business. With Catalyst, you’ll receive funding without complex fees or contracts.

What’s the process?

Catalyst have made sure the process for Selective invoice finance is as easy as possible, allowing you to raise the cash you need in just three simple steps:

  1. Choose the invoice(s) you would like to fund.
  2. You’ll then receive up to 80% of the invoice(s) value.
  3. When your customers pay, we will deduct our fee and you’ll receive the remaining balance.

They only charge a fixed daily rate, which means you only pay for what you use – not what you think you’ll use. This works out better for you if your customer pays earlier than expected.

Why choose Catalyst Finance?

  • No hidden, ongoing or start-up fees – just one agreed daily rate.
  • You only pay for what you use – not what you think you’ll use.
  • They will happily work alongside other providers, complementing your existing arrangements.
  • Each business is reviews on an individual basis – so the funding suits you.
  • Real people, not computers! We’ll get to know your business so we can provide the best funding option for you, at the right price.

Catalyst Finance Commercial Business Loans

Catalyst commercial business loan is one of the simplest ways to get cash flowing into your business. You can use it to purchase equipment, to fund a growth ambition or manage a short term cash flow need. Their commercial business loans are designed to provide businesses with easy access to short term finance. With Catalyst Finance short-term business loans, they assess all applications on an individual basis. They are not wholly reliant on computer algorithms, and only use real people to ensure your business receives the right product at the right price.

Why choose a Commercial Business Loan?

  • Funding between £25k and £1million
  • Terms from 3 to 12 months
  • Simple equal monthly repayments of capital and interest
  • Pre-agreed monthly interest rate
  • The Commercial Business Loan can work along side other financial arrangements

Catalyst can fund businesses from all different sectors and the loans cover those companies which:

  • Are a registered Limited Company, LLP or PLC (sorry we can’t fund sole traders or partnerships)
  • Your business has been trading for more than 2 years
  • Are profitable
  • Directors are UK homeowners
  • Is based in England, Scotland or Wales.

Cash Flow Loans

Catalyst cash flow loan is one of the simplest ways to get cash into your business. You can use it to  manage a short term cash flow need or cover a cash flow gap.  Cash Flow loans are designed to provide businesses with easy access to short term finance.

Short-term business loans, all applications are assed on an individual basis. No one is wholly reliant on computer algorithms. Rates start from 1.5% per month and Catalyst cash flow loans offer a simple and affordable repayment programme. All cash flow loans have a maximum term of 12 months.

Fast application process for Catalyst cash flow loan products

  • Loans are available for a maximum 12 month term
  • Available for businesses with 1 year of trading
  • Minimum lend of £25,000 with maximum of £100,000

The types of businesses accepted:

  • Limited companies and LLPs

Security that is required:

  • Personal Guarantee from at least one director who must be a UK homeowner

Information needed:

  • 1 year full trading accounts and the business must be profitable
  • 3 months bank statements
  • No adverse activity
  • Up-to-date HMRC
  • Latest Management Information
  • List of creditors and debtors

Repayment Method:

  • Weekly or monthly direct debit repayments

Catalyst Invoice Finance

Some of the features and benefits of Catalyst Finance invoice finance.

  • Access up to 80% of invoice value
  • Simple solution
  • Access as and when you need to
  • Specialise in finance solutions for SMEs
  • Available to businesses with a minimum of £25,000 in outstanding invoices
  • Selectively choose invoices to raise funding from
  • Charge a fixed daily rate
  • No set-up or ongoing fees
  • Offer a confidential or disclosed service
  • Works alongside other finance solutions

Catalyst Finance is a smaller financial services provider who offers services that target small to medium businesses and was set up to specifically cater for this sector and their need to access finance for short periods of time to help cash flow. They aim to provide financial solutions that enable SMEs to access funding when needed, quickly, pay only for the period that they borrow the money for, without signing up to long-term contracts.

Catalyst Finance’s fund invoice solution offers invoice discounting service that can be confidential if required but either way you will retain control of your credit control and customer accounts.

Catalyst VAT Loan

Catalyst VAT Loan product is fast, light touch application process means we can help to meet any immediate and forthcoming quarter’s VAT payments. We operate a simple and affordable repayment plan and interest for the loans start from 1.5% per month. Each loan is available for a 3 month term.

The types of businesses accepted

  • Limited Companies and LLPs

What security is needed?

  • Catalyst Finance require a Personal Guarantee from at least one director who must be a UK homeowner

How much can be funded?

  • For VAT loans the minimum we will fund is £25,000
  • We currently don’t have a maximum amount – contact us to discuss your options

Information Catalyst Finance need from you:

  • Up to date HMRC
  • Latest annual accounts
  • Latest Management Information
  • 3 months bank statements
  • UK Homeowners
  • Trading more than 1 yea
  • Debtors and creditors list

Repayment Methods

  • Weekly or monthly direct debit repayments

Get a Fixed Funding Cost

As one of the UK’s leading Invoice Finance Brokers we work closely with Catalyst Finance, due to this relationship we have negotiated great discounted rates. If you feel any of their finance products would work for your business simply complete the online enquiry form.

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