Does your small business use marketing effectively?

Online marketingMarketing is such an important aspect in the potential success of small businesses. The use of a strong marketing strategy can make all the difference when it comes to building a business from the ground up, or further growing a pre-existing company.

Every business owner will need to create a marketing strategy that’s unique to them. No one plan or scheme will work in the same way for multiple companies, this is why being original in your thinking process is essential to market well for a small business that wants to hit the ground running.

The UK-based small business stats

 The following statistics were curated by Small Biz Genius:

    • The marketing executives of some of the most successful companies spend an average of more than 21% of their marketing budget on advertising.
    • 70% of marketers lack an integrated content strategy.
    • 72% of consumers who search for local businesses end up visiting stores within five miles.
    • Strategic landing pages help 68% of B2B businesses acquire new leads.
    • By 2021, global revenue from offline commerce channels will decrease by almost 20%.
    • Global digital and alternative media revenues grew an estimated 11.6% in 2018, amounting to $496.08 billion in total.
    • In 2017 in the UK, digital advertising overtook all other forms of advertising, reaching a 52% share of total advertising spending.

 Sculpt your identity

Identity is everything when it comes to setting up a small business. Consumers need to know exactly what product you sell or what service you supply. They need to know this quickly or they’ll move on to the next business they’ve already created a trusting bond with in the past. This is exactly why it’s so important to market yourself well, making it clear to your customer’s exactly what you are and what you do for them.

Once you’ve decided on what your business represents, it’s time to create a name and a logo that consists of colours and imagery that convey this to your customers. There’s multiple ways in which you can make this easy for yourself. Either hire a freelance creator that can take your tips on board while creating something unique to your business, or use a creative program such as Canva or Photoshop and have a go at making your own. This will include a lot of trial and error so be sure to give yourself enough time to get it right.

When you have your business name and logo, ensure that you are using the branding of it wisely. Put it on everything, including business cards, advertising, emails, envelopes, and any other way you communicate with potential consumers. This will build brand awareness and ultimately make your business more recognisable to members of the public. Being more recognisable is always going to be a main goal of a business owner when considering their marketing strategy.

Your website should be professional and accessible

All small businesses have a website these days, it’s a perfect way of gaining validation from a customer and making your business seem far more verifiable and legitimate. This is the reason why getting your website right, and putting the correct content and imagery on it is fundamental.

Having a poorly designed website will almost certainly put customers off of your website; they won’t see you as a business that can be trusted. So, make your website accessible and user-friendly. Don’t do all the hard work that is getting someone to click on your page and have them turn away from instantly because of the lack of high quality design on show. This is an error that for many small businesses can be extremely common. It’s easily avoidable, so take the time to make your website right before putting out to the world.


 Search engine optimisation is so fundamentally important when running a small business. If you want your company to grow, then you need to make sure people are able to notice it. If your website is coming up on page 5 of a Google search, nobody’s going to find it.

Google often changes its algorithms so it can be increasingly difficult to keep on top of how to give your content the best chance of ranking, but this is where the challenge lies. Keep your keyword optimised to make sure you’re ranking highly in people’s searches.

Appearing on the first page of a Google search will allow you a much bigger chance of customer interaction, which is something you obviously need if you want your consumer base to grow and develop.

Target market

 Know who exactly you’re marketing your products or services to. If you’re just aiming at everyone you won’t find success. That is not a marketing strategy. Create a profile for your target consumer and list all the things you’ll need to deliver on to get their attention. This will mean looking at your product placement, how you appear across social media websites, and how exactly you’ll be selling products.

Having a profile of potential customers in mind gives you instant background knowledge of who you’ll be selling to. This is research that’s worth conducting because with it you can come up with strategies that will directly relate to your customer-base. For example, if you’re aiming your products at teenagers, you’ll want to utilise modern marketing methods that will connect with them, such as establishing a heavy social media presence.

As you establish your audience further, it’ll help you massively with product development. The more you get to know about the people that interact with your business, the more you can focus your marketing towards them. This is why your target marketing strategy is something that often continues to develop over a series of years.

You’ve got mail

 Email has many advantages as a marketing channel. They’re convenient to send, easy to automate, they’re a great method of communication, costs very little, and can reach a large number of potential customers with the highest open rates.

Once you begin to send out emails to customers on your mailing list, be sure to send interesting content that you actually think they’ll want to read. If not you’ll almost definitely find yourself in their spam or junk folders, being constantly ignored.

The main idea is to get people to come back to your website at a later date when they are likely to buy your product. Email leads still have one of the highest conversion rates of marketing techniques.

Free samples

Product awareness is something any small business owner will forever be wanting to increase. A helpful way of doing this is by sending out free samples of a product you sell, or a free trial to a subscription service that you company offers.

This can’t apply to all small businesses as if you own a company that fits washing machines for example, there’s no way to offer a free taster. But, this is why choosing the right marketing strategy is of the upmost importance and why every company has to come up with techniques that are unique to them.

Social media

Social media is a modern method of marketing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The main reason behind many small businesses setting up social media accounts is simply because it makes you seem more verifiable as a company to the modern day customer when they’re scouring the internet for information about you before making that all-important first purchase.

This leads me onto a mistake many small companies make while setting up their social accounts. They create a set of profiles to keep up appearances, then leave them empty and hollow. If you’re going to use social media as a potential marketing tool for your business, interact with people on it, actively update your company accounts, and make the effort to have a progressive presence on them.

Twitter and Facebook are the two biggest hitters for companies, so they’re an ideal launching pad for your company to make its first social media jump from. Later you can seek out an Instagram account, but you’ll need to get create when it comes to posting as content on there requires a photograph as well as text.

Be unique

If you’ve learnt anything from this article, it should be that you need to develop a unique way of marketing your company and the products it sells. Don’t directly copy a huge company and believe it’ll end in the same result, because it likely won’t. Have faith in your small business and give it a great chance of growing by marketing it in the right way, and to the right people.

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