Siemens Invoice Finance

Siemens Invoice FinanceThe Siemens Invoice Finance team from Siemens has a wealth of experience in helping to find solutions to suit your needs. They offer Tailor made invoice finance that can grow with your business. Siemens invoice discounting is a cash flow solution that can help businesses unlock the value of unpaid customer invoices, allowing effective management of working capital.  Part of the A+ rated* worldwide Siemens Group, Siemens Financial Services has a long and proud history of assisting businesses grow through leveraging innovative financial products.

What is Invoice Finance from Siemens

Invoice finance is the generic term to describe a range of financial products designed to bridge the gap between the delivery of goods or services and the payments from the customer. The invoice finance provider advances funds against the outstanding sales ledger until the individual debts are paid. It is aimed particularly at small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across most industries. Siemens focus is building a client base of SMEs from a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, engineering, printing, wholesale, healthcare, recruitment, hospitality and more.  

In contrast to many other financiers, Siemens invoice finance service is tailored to each individual company. The invoice finance team works with the client to understand their particular business needs and future plans to build a bespoke solution. By partnering with Siemens, small businesses can benefit from working capital facilities that grow in line with their turnover and access to cash through a live system, giving them almost immediate drawdown of all approved invoices.  

Some of the features and benefits of Siemens Invoice Finance.

  • Access up to 90% of your invoice values
  • Relieve cashflow issues
  • Manage your sales ledger
  • Deliver your credit control and collect payments on your behalf
  • Ideal for businesses that struggle to manage their cashflow
  • Access invoice value within 24 hours of issuing an invoice
  • Optional bad debt protection
  • 24/7 online account management
  • Service Promise
  • Confidential service

Recruitment Invoice Finance from Siemens

Making payroll can be one of the most significant challenges for recruitment companies. Discover a winning formula that is allowing recruitment businesses to accelerate growth plans with funding solutions such as Invoice Finance. This type of funding is particularly suitable for recruitment consultancies as there is often a significant delay between paying candidates or bills and receiving client payments. Invoice Finance allows recruitment companies to unlock the value of their invoices to release critical cash-flow and focus on expanding their teams and achieving their sales targets.

Recruitment Businesses are increasingly exploring alternative finance solutions as traditional lending options remain restricted. Invoice discounting for a recruitment agency can be an important alternative to traditional credit lines, unlocking up to 90% of the value held in your unpaid sales ledger. Siemens Invoice Finance works hard to provide tailored solutions to help make your life easier and allow you to focus on running your business.

Siemens Financial services offering of Invoice Finance with recruitment companies is steadily increasing in this sector. We’ve helped several companies in the UK fill the cash flow gap through flexible finance options!

Permanent Recruitment

Another key issue is that invoices are issued to clients once candidates are placed successfully. This long payment cycle can result in a 30-, 60- or 90-day wait for payment. Clients who fail to pay on time or at all can quickly undermine a profitable business, limiting the availability of capital to meet payment deadlines for temp and perm placements, and other operating expenses as well as restricting the ability of the recruiter to grow the business and take it to the next level.

Temporary Recruitment

There can also be cash flow problems created by the nature of the work. Agencies that hire temporary staff members and contractors will need to pay these workers, along with their usual operational expenses. However, the end customer may not pay the recruiter for 30, 60 or even 90 days, which creates an unavoidable cash-flow shortfall for agencies of every size.    

How does Invoice Factoring Work for Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment Invoice Finance is more suited to firms that have lower invoice values and limited access to bank funding. It can fill the cash flow hole by advancing up to 90% of the value of the outstanding invoice once it has been issued to the client. Once the candidate is successfully placed and the invoice is issued to the client, the factor provides the balance of the invoice, minus fees.

As part of the factoring agreement, the factor or factoring such as Siemens manages credit control and payroll administration (processing timesheet information) on behalf of the business. In this way, freeing up resources in small recruitment firms. As a result, clients are aware that a factoring facility is in place.

Recruitment invoice discounting targeted at larger, established recruitment agencies that have their robust finance procedures in place as credit control and the collections process remain in-house. Therefore, clients remain unaware of the provider’s involvement. Both factoring and invoice discounting can give recruitment agencies the quick cash flow fix they need to pay temp and perm placements as well as cover other operating expenses without having to wait for clients to pay.

Invoice Discounting from Siemens

Siemens Invoice Discounting works tirelessly to provide tailored solutions to help make your life easier and allow you to focus on running your business. Businesses are increasingly exploring alternative finance solutions as traditional lending options remain restricted. Invoice discounting can be an important alternative to traditional credit lines, unlocking up to 90% of the value held in your unpaid sales ledger. An invoice discounting arrangement with Siemens means that administration is kept to a minimum, supported by our market leading online solution, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

Siemens Invoice Discounting may work for you, if you are:

– Seeking to break free from restrictions imposed by current funding solutions

– Looking for an alternative financier to provide bespoke and tailored solutions

– Undertaking domestic and/or international trade

– Looking to grow and maximise the funding potential of your available assets

– Requiring invoice funding greater than £250,000 

Working Capital Financial Solutions

Working capital solutions from Siemens are designed to help business customers manage their cash flow through revolving lines of credit and term loans. With these solutions Siemens mainly serve the Energy, Healthcare, Industry and Infrastructure & Cities Sectors. There ability to leverage the industry expertise of the entire Siemens Group and marry this insight with innovative financial products. As part of a worldwide industrial company, Siemens have the financial strength and commitment to support there clients.

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Interested in knowing more about Siemens and receiving an Invoice Finance Quotation. Invoice Funding are leading factoring brokers, we have funded hundreds of companies since 2010. If you would like an invoice factoring quotation from Siemens we have negotiated preferential rates on invoice finance facilities. Simply complete the online enquiry form.

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