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Positive Invoice Finance Cashflow provides invoice funding facilities between £10k and £1m to businesses across a broad range of industries and has over 190 customers, employing 24 staff at offices in Manchester and Birmingham. Established in 2007 by four directors with a wealth of experience in the industry, Positive Cashflow Finance provides funding to businesses looking for facilities from £10,000 to £1million. We offer a hands on bespoke service to clients, particularly ideal for those using invoice finance facilities for the first time or who may be experiencing a difficult relationship with their incumbent lender.

Positive cash flow finance offer a wide range of invoice finance facilities and underwrite all new business deals in house and pride themselves on being able to provide swift funding decisions ensuring there are no last minute surprises.

Benefits of using Positive Invoice Factoring

Why Positive Invoice Finance

Positive Cash Flow Funding

You often have to provide customers with longer credit terms than you receive from your suppliers, and your cash flow problems are then exacerbated when they don’t pay when they’re supposed to. This level of financial unsteadiness can leave you unable to pay staff HMRC or suppliers on time, and when this becomes a regular issue, the consequences can be devastating. insolvency is one issue or receiving a CCJ as a supply may get fed up of waiting for their money.

If you’re affected by this, you’re not alone most companies are  – but the options available to companies looking to bridge this gap aren’t always suitable, or practical to use. Traditional cash flow funders will frequently exclude perfectly viable businesses because they don’t fit a set of precisely defined criteria or the directors may have issues in the past, like a failed business.

Ensuring consistent cash flow is a concern for companies operating in the recruitment, construction, transport, printing industry and media sectors to name a few that positive invoice finance fund – but if you share this concern, you shouldn’t think of it as a problem with only one solution, there are a number of funding options open to you and your business.

Positive have a strong background in Invoice Factoring for healthcare businesses. The understand the industry and how it operated. This allows them to fund care agencies that take their instructions from the local authority. CQC requested companies are always welcome to be funded by Positive said their Managing director.

Why use us for Positive Invoice Finance?

At Invoice Funding, we provide factoring and invoice discounting UK wide – and with more flexibility than a typical lender can offer we can find a funding solution for any business.

We endeavour to accommodate conventional and unconventional funding requirements alike, and will adapt to changing circumstances (such as company growth) wherever possible. This maybe Invoice Factoring, Invoice Discounting or a Business Loan.

We offer several advantages over a standard lending service, as we can search the whole o the market and not tied to one lender. The restrictions that apply to bank-funded invoice finance solutions are eased, and in some cases eliminated entirely. We won’t reject you for pedantic reasons, and we’ve designed our services to grow with your company’s requirements. If it’s possible to deliver the funding you need, we will.

We believe that the financial facilities we provide should not stifle businesses, but enable them. Our service is available in combination with products such as asset funding, business overdraft facilities, and property-backed secured business loans, allowing you to benefit from a bespoke funding package that suits your precise, long-term operational requirements.

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At Invoice Funding we’re also scrupulously transparent about costs. Fixed fees will vary according to each company’s circumstances, but you’ll never be surprised by unforeseeable charges, we charge no upfront fees. We will ensure we get your business the most competitive Invoice Factoring Quotation from Positive Finance Cashflow.

We have years of experience with working with positive invoice finance. Invoice Funding are one of the UK’s leading Invoice Factoring Brokers. As a broker we gain access to preferential rates from Positive Invoice Factoring.

Should you feel your business could benefit from Invoice Funding then please complete the online enquiry form and a funding specialist will contact you by return.

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