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As a broker Touch are an award-winning asset based finance independent specialising in Invoice Finance.

They have specialise in Invoice Finance, since 2008, As an Invoice Finance broker they has built strong working relationships with over 40 of the best providers in the UK, in order to find the right funding solutions for your business. 

Touch Financial ’s primary objective is to work on your behalf to find the right funding solutions at the most competitive rates.

Who are Touch Financial

Touch Financial are part of the SFP group, which provides a range of business solutions within the commercial finance sector. 

In 2017, Touch Financial helped businesses access over £50 million in funding, and has worked with thousands of SMEs in the UK to obtain the most competitive rates from the top Invoice Finance providers.

Touch Financial are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and have experience in multiple industries such as recruitment, manufacturing, wholesale finance, and construction. Their offerings include:

  • Strong relationships with over 30 top providers
  • ABFA-qualified consultants
  • Wide range of industries served
  • Professional service
  • Stellar reputation

Touch Financial’s primary objective is to work on your behalf to find the right funding solutions at the most competitive rates. They have an impressive range of providers including Lloyds, Barclays, Skipton Business Finance, Bibby Financial Services, and MarketInvoice.

Touch Financial uses their in-house algorithms and consultants to understand your business needs, provide suitable funding options, and provide you with options at no additional cost.

About the SFP Group

The parent SFP group is based in Canary Wharf, London, employs 60 staff, and is very active in overseeing business liquidations. SFP proposes a radical alternative: rather than funding your receivables gap, they find the lenders who can do it for you. Their promise is that not only do they find a better deal, they find it quicker, and they explain it better – including the fine print that many lenders won’t spend too much time on. 

Types off finance Touch Financial offer

Touch Financial offer to broker a number of business finance products for company owners. Once they have receive your enquiry, touch will look to understand your needs and expectations and we will match you to the most appropriate funders from our panel. As an invoice finance broker they understand that your business needs may change over time.

For this reason, we dedicate a Consultant to each customer to ensure that our service proposition lasts throughout the lifetime of your business.

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance from Touch is a popular alternative funding solution that grants you immediate access to cash tied-up in slow-paying invoices. After you raise an invoice with your customer and send a copy to the Invoice Factoring provider, you’ll receive a cash advance of 80-95% within 24 hours. Your provider will handle all collections and credit control on your behalf, and your customers are aware of their involvement.

To qualify for Touch Financial Invoice Factoring, your business should have a minimum annual turnover of £100,000 plus VAT.

  • Factoring requires minimum annual turnover of £25,000;
  • Funding is available within 24 hours;
  • Service can be anonymous;
  • Discounting can release up to 100% of funds;
  • For companies making over £100,000 per year in turnover.

Confidential Invoice Discounting

Confidential Invoice Discounting from Touch is similar to Invoice Factoring, except that your relationship with your provider is not disclosed to your customers. You can instantly unlock up to 100% of your sales ledger value within 24 hours, depending on your provider.

What’s more, you handle your own credit control and collections, which is great if your business has capable in-house facilities. Essentially, your provider’s main role is a financier, and won’t handle your customer collections on your behalf.

Touch Financial Confidential Invoice Discounting is suitable if your business has a minimum annual turnover of £350,000 plus VAT.

Single Invoice Factoring

Single Invoice Factoring (or Spot Factoring) from Touch allows you to submit individual invoices for factoring on a pay-as-you-go basis. You receive an immediate cash advance of 70% to 85%, depending on your provider. You simply pay to raise working capital on the single invoice you submit to your provider.

Touch Financial Single Invoice Factoring is a great fit for you if your business requires flexible funding and has occasional working capital requirements.

Touch Financial Accountancy Services

Touch Financial has a sister company called “Just Accountants”, the sister arm aims to find the right accountant for your business. Just Accountants has strong relationships with over 130 accountancy firms in the UK, their local networks of accountants is happy to deal with sole traders or limited companies. There is no cost for the initial consultation process of searching and sourcing an accountant.

Financial Credit Protection

Touch can also assist with finding Credit Protection on your debtors and invoices, in the case that debt ages or one of your customers becomes insolvent. You can protect up to 100% of the invoice value.

Credit Protection is also known as Bad Debt Protection, and is a useful mechanism to ensure your finances are always protected.

Contact : Touch Financial Support Ltd

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If you feel your company would benefit with a invoice factoring quotation from an independent broker, it is so simple to make contact. Simply complete the online enquiry from and one of the team will be in contact.

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